Yes, it has been a while since I have visited my own website... I guess that means that I have been busy with other projects!

2018 was a great year. Some of the highlights were working for Beni Giger (director of Swiss TV) for the Alpine Skiing World Cup Races in Wengen for the first time; then Michael Kögler (diector of Austrian TV) let me work on LMC's (http://www.livemotionconcept.de/) Antelope camera at the legendary Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel, followed by the Night Race in Schladming two days later. At the beginning of February a huge crew set off to the Winter Olympics in Pyoengchang to work with Michi Kögler at the biathlon events. Once again Michi trusted me with operating the hypermotion camera. Eight of us cameramen became a sort of a legend by helping Beni Giger and his crew out at the Alpin Skiing events: the "Austrians" helping the "Swiss" who had two events to cover on some days and crew members out due to illness or injury; Beni Giger and his production won the Silver Ring for the (second best) coverage of a sport event at the Olympics. "We" had won the Golden Ring in Sochi 2014.

The summer was highlighted by working for Formula One and the DTM again. Thomas Strobl, director of the DTM let me work the "roaming highspeed camera" - now TV Skyline's Ikegami. Thomas also took me along to the European Track and Field Championships in Berlin to work on LMC's Antelope camera: an interesting concept as I was passed on between the various productions and working for all events. 

Early 2018 also saw the release of Rainbow's CD / DVD "Memories in Rock II". It was a great honour working with Ritchie Blackmore and his band. Below is a little "making of" clip promoting the DVD:



Now we are well into 2019 I would like to say business as usual. A highlight was Sweden's Alexander Koell's crash that I caught in Kitzbühel - luckily he was ok after being airborne into the Zielschuss of the Hahnenkamm.


The motorsport season has had to landmarks this year: I worked at the 1000st Formula One Grand Prix (in China), meaning that in my twenty plus years on the tour I have roughly attended a quarter of the races; and a few weeks ago the DTM celebrated it's 500th race. I have been covering that series since 2003.

The German "Film & TV Kamera" magazine (issue 10 / 19) has published an article on my work as a roaming highspeed camerman at the DTM. I hope to find more information on this.

Hopefully my music production "Waht Mahalla" will be finalised by the end of the year.


Welcome to 2018! It was a busy 2017 that has left no time to update this site and it is straight on into another exciting year of camera work and video productions. After covering parts of the 4-jumps tournament, the ski races in Wengen, Kitzbühel, and Garmisch, it is off to the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang / Korea. I will be working a hi-speed camera at the biathlon events which will be directed by Michael Kögler.

I am currently also finalizing the work on a DVD production for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. The footage was filmed at a Rainbow concert in Birmingham last June and will be released with the new live album sometime soon. The DVD includes a 30 minute interview with Ritchie Blackmore and interviews with all band members. It will also feature the world premiere of the "I Surrender - 2017" single on video. I am very excited to be part of this production.

And of course the tour with the Formula One circuit will continue in 2018 -- over 20 years of working around those fast cars; I will also be chasing the German Touring Cars (DTM) with the roaming hi-speed camera -- find a new video below!



As my motorsports season is coming to an end with the "Duel in The Desert" between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, I can sum up an exciting yet sometimes exhausting summer. Especially the roaming highspeed Antelope RF camera asked for a lot of hard physical work, but also the tight schedule and many overseas travel required a good monitoring of personal resources. The picture below was taken at the DTM race (courtesy of Claudia Rieder) in Budapest / Hungary and it is an indicator of how exhausted I could be. I am sure that Live Motion Concept is not very appreciative of me blocking the entrance to their van, nevertheless I hope they appreciate our team output. Therefore thank you Christian, Niko, Dirk, Peter, Olli, Marco, Michi, Dirk, Michi, Günter for being such a great team. I think the 2016 output topped 2015.

And as I am writing there is already the transition into the wintersports season with the first ski jumping event to take place during the first week-end of December to be followed by snowboard, ski jumping, more ski jumping, bobsled and skeleton, alpine skiing, lots of alpine skiing, biathlon, more bobsled, ski jumping, biathlon -- oh, and Formula 1 in spring!

Below you should find an embedded video of the work  I did with the roaming Antelope camera in 2015. This video is dedicated to everyone who made these images possible. Thank you!





It had been a busy 9 months since I last updated this website. You can check out my "2016 Tour" under the "Tours" header. I was lucky to be asked to do "hi speed" camera work for most of my winter sports jobs, the highlights being the Alpine Ski races in Kitzbühel and Schladming. Thank you to the guys at LMC - Live Motion Concept and Michi Kögler at ORF for letting me work at 1000 frames / second.

The spring basically brought motor sports back into my life: Formula One Management has booked me for the 12 GPs I signed up for and the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) has me back out on the track schlepping 20 kg of hi speed RF equipment; I love the job, but it is the hardest work I have ever done (...almost).



Martin Thoma, my German filmmaker friend brought me to Hamburg's "Speicherstadt" for our 7th "Schätze der Welt" documentary. We were unbelievably lucky with the weather and I am looking forward to the airing of this 15-minute documentary on October 15. Unfortunately this was the last ever "Schätze" production. They are closing the series down. Ach!



It has been a good year again with several highlights such as the Alpine Skiing World Championships in Vail - Beaver Creek and a very challenging 18-race DTM season working a Antelope high speed camera as a RF camera both in the pitlane and on track. Stay tuned for some clips that might appear on this website... In Formula 1 the Hungarian GP marked my 200th race. In August I shot my 6th UNESCO World Heritage Site documentary; after traveling to exotic places like Kamtchatka and Wrangel Island I found Eastern Germany (near Eisenach and Stralsund) a different pace: there were Restaurants and supermarkets around every corner. Thanks to Filmmaker Martin Thoma for asking me to do this gig with him again. 

As for the upcoming months: there will be many busy weekends working in all sorts of winter sports and apparently it with be a good winter with lots of snow.